AV Over IP

When distributing AV content throughout an office space or a global enterprise, IP networks maximise flexibility and reliability. Global AV Group offers a variety of AV over IP hardware including encoders/decoders and controllers that deliver the high-fidelity signal and ease of use that our clients demand. 

Whether your needs are local or worldwide, the team at Global AV Group will design and install an AV over IP system that's eficient, reliable, and easy to use. Contact us today to discover how Global AV Group can offer you the quality and convenience of an AV-over-IP solution for your home or business. 

AV Over IP Applications

There are many considerations to transitioning your AV network from direct cabling or HDBaseT to IP. Global AV Group understands how to configure your network and switching equipment to ensure flawless delivery of every frame and packet. From corporate infrastructure, to education, digital signage, and surveillance, the applications for AV over IP run the gammut. However, all of these applications share the common need for flexibility, expandability, and reliability.