Custom Video & Graphics

You're renting LED video walls for your next big event. Now what are you going to show on them? The creative team at Global AV Group can help answer that question by working with you to curate and create visual content that elevates your stage design and compliments the message and theme of your event.

Already have your content and need to make sure it fits the screens? Our team has you covered. We can check your content and make sure it will look great on the LED video screens at your event. 

Logo Animations, Sponsor Loops, Live Video Feeds and More

Even with limited lead time and budget, the creative team at Global AV Group can help customize the video content for your event. Things like logo animations, sponsor reels and live video feeds are great ways to tailor the content for your special event without investing a ton of time and money on pre-production. Give our crew a call today and we can help you come up with some great ideas!