Well-crafted, high-quality sound system designs are Global AV Group's pedigree. Global started out as a sound-system design company and as our service portfolio has grown to include lighting and video system designs, the company has always remained true to its roots as a premiere sound-design firm. 

As such, Global has experience crafting sound systems for a variety of commercial and residential clients. The diversity of our client portfolio has allowed us the opportunity to design and install sound systems in a variety of environments and help clients with very different needs achieve their goals.  Our clients have asked us to design sound systems that have employed speaker enclosures that range in size from virtually invisible to show-stoppingly large and in every case, our sound system designs leave our clients immersed in clear, emotive sound. 

Global AV Group has designed and installed sound systems in home theaters, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, commercial spaces and seasonal entertainment venues throughout the United States and Europe with a consistent and unrelenting commitment to superb customer service. Our design team will work collaboratively with your architects and designers to ensure that in delivering an unparalleled sound experience, we compliment and enhance your space's visual design.