Lighting Design

High-quality, stylish, and efficient lighting designs.

Did you know that good lighting design can contribute to better health and wellbeing? It's true. Good light has been shown to reduce depression and improve cognitive function and reaction time. Lighting can even be designed to support the body's circadian rhythm for more meaningful rest and more effective waking hours.

This means that proper lighting design is just as important in your home as it is in your business. Global AV Group designs and installs environmental lighting systems that are designed to support you at work and at rest. We offer lighting design solutions for indoor, outdoor, retail, commercial, and residential spaces. And because we're an audio-visual integrator; we can make sure that your lighting, audio, and video systems all function harmoniously.

Our Lighting Design Process

Shedding light on the path to your rennovation

When we embark on a new project with a client, our first step is understanding the needs and environment and so we'll hold a discovery call or meeting to ascertain the project brief. Next, we'll visit the venue in order to take measurements and and map the area for our design team. Once we have the measurements, our designers will develop an original CAD design for your review & approval. We'll make any necessary adjustments to the lighting design based on your feedback and, once the design is approved, we will schedule your installation. After the lighting system has been installed, we'll configure & program your system and show you how to operate it. 

Custom Lighting Control

Take control of your lighting

Lighting conrol is one of the features of home automation that our clients ask about the most. Having a tailored lighting control system installed in your home is one of the best ways to add style and security. Lighting control systems also offer a lot of convenience with preset scenes, one-touch activation, scheduling, and the ability to activate and change your lighting settings from anywhere in the world.