Security Cameras

Keep your home and business safe with security cameras.

Whether for homes or businesses, safety is a top priority for our clients and one of the most popular ways to increase security is by installing high quality security cameras. Video surveillance cameras provide a reliable and convenient way to monitor activity at your residence or workplace. Global AV Group has years of experience installing security cameras and CCTV systems and can design a tailored system to meet your needs. 

Security Cameras for Homes

Security cameras are a worthwhile investment in home protection.

For most people invsting in home security cameras is well worth the investment. Security cameras provide an obvious visual deterrent against burglary, vandalism, and other crimes on your property and many security camera systems nowadays can be connected to the homeowner's smartphone for easy, live monitoring from anywhere in the world.

We've installed loads of security camera systems and we can make informed, thoughtful recommendations for home security cameras that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Whether you need Our professional team will perform the security camera installation quickly and neatly and they'll make sure you know how everything works before leaving. 

Video Surveillance System for Businesses

How to Choose Security Cameras for your Business

Security is critical for all busineses. It's hard to be profitable if your assets are unprotected. Thankfully, security cameras and video surveillance systems are becoming more intelligent and effective than ever. Technical advances in recording, monitoring, and storage mean that business owners have more access to comprehensive security tools than ever before. 

At Global AV Group, we believe that part of creating a successful environment is making sure that the environment is safe for the people in it. That's why we offer a variety of security cameras and video surveillance systems in addition to our legacy audio-visual products & services.