Justin Shafran
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Justin Shafran

VP, Operations

Justin Shafran started his career as a DJ in 1990 at only 16 years old. He grew up working as a DJ in The Tunnel and Limelight and other legendary New York City nightlife venues where the world class audio-visual systems made an impression on him.

Inspired by the scale and quality of those systems, Justin’s professional focus grew beyond DJing into audio-visual system design & integration.

By 2006, the Justin had created an impressive body of A/V installations and the quality of his work was being noticed by up-market hospitality clients. In response to that interest, Justin launched his own audio-visual integration firm, Foundation Audio.

Following its clients’ ever-expanding needs for integrated A/V systems, Foundation Audio grew its suite of services to include video, security, and networking hardware & programming.
In the 15 years since

Justin’s early days with Foundation Audio, his reputation for quality work has continued to precede him for all-things A/V.

Always focused on ways to best serve his clients, Justin’s repertoire for low voltage and audio-visual system design has continued to expand and now includes AutoCAD, network infrastructure and automaton control.

Since 2018, Justin has been working with the team at Global AV Group, providing its clients with world-class audio-visual system design, integration and support.