Will Graham
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Will Graham

Director, Technical Operations

William Graham is passionate about music and high quality entertainment. Since the age of 15, William has followed his passion through a mix of recording studios, video production houses, and live performance stages learning and growing more inspired every step of the way.

Driven to build a career for himself in the entertainment production and technology world; William continued along his path through SUNY Plattsburgh where he devoted countless hours to his studies while working on the school’s TV station production crew and managing production for the university’s radio station. Ultimately, William earned his degree in Audio Production and got to work with two reputable Long Island radio stations, WBLI & WBAB. He was also freelancing as a stagehand at live theater productions, events, and on film sets.

In 2017, William brought his expertise to Global as a sound technician. Always eager to learn and expand his professional skillset, William acquired additional programming skills and certifications for control and signal processing systems including:

Today, William is Global’s Director of Technical operations where he happily solves our clients’ technical challenges and brings their visions to life.